Yemayá – Mother Goddess of the Ocean

Yemanyá y la Virgen de Regla

Yemaya is the Yorùbá Orisha or Goddess of the living Ocean, considered the mother of all. She is the source of all the waters, including the rivers of western Africa, especially the River Ogun. Her name is a contraction of Yey Omo Eja, which means “Mother Whose Children are the Fish.” As all life is thought to have begun in the sea, all life is held to have begun with Yemaya. She is motherly and strongly protective, and cares deeply for all Her children, comforting them and cleansing them of sorrow. She is said to be able to cure infertility in women, and cowrie shells represent Her wealth. She does not easily lose Her temper, but when angered She can be quite destructive and violent, as the sea in a storm. Full Story »

Summoning Shark Boi

We’re doing a little séance to summon the deceased Shark Boi to speak with us. We are going to ask Yemayá, the goddess of the ocean, for some help… she’s usually pretty close to Florida so it shouldn’t take too long for a response. Florida was once part of Africa, so all of their spirits can manifest here easily (hence all the loud drumming and enchanting dance you find in Miami and all throughout the state).
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