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Summoning Shark Boi

We’re doing a little séance to summon the deceased Shark Boi to speak with us. We are going to ask Yemayá, the goddess of the ocean, for some help… she’s usually pretty close to Florida so it shouldn’t take too long for a response. Florida was once part of Africa, so all of their spirits can manifest here easily (hence all the loud drumming and enchanting dance you find in Miami and all throughout the state).

Yemayá Assessu; Assessu Yemayá
Yemayá Olodo; Olodo Yemayá

Kai kai kai Yemayá Olodo, Kai kai kai Assessu Olodo

A translation from the Yoruba language:

Yemanja is the Gush of the Spring.
The Gush of the Spring is Yemanja.
The Mother of the Children of Fishes is the Owner of Rivers.
The Owner of Rivers is the Mother of the Children of Fishes.

RIP Shark Boi

Summoning Shark Boi

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