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Republicans, why do you still support the Republican party?

In the Trump era, it’s hard to understand why people still vote Republican.

Here’s your chance to really tell the truth without feeling embarrassed. Answer the poll and write more elaborate answers in the comments. All comments are 100% anonymous (unless you choose to provide your real name).

Republicans: Why do you still support the Republican party? (select up to 3)

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Who are these “Trump supporters?”

Many are obvious bigots, proud of their “white” heritage and terrified of the prospect of people with different skin color “taking over America.”

Many are delusional dumb fucks that fall for television propaganda. These are the same stupid cunts that fall for identity theft operations. Senile twats who border between racist hate-mongers and victims of disinformation.

Many are just “trolls” who thought it would be funny to vote for such a shitty president.

Some are Capitalists who trick poor, stupid people into believing that they will be rich one day too if they “work hard” and pay their taxes. They get the ignorant “conservative” voters to believe that “liberals” are the ones keeping them poor. Then they continue to slash banking regulations and fuck over poor people. The Republitards are too fucking stupid to realize what’s happening.

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Republicans, why do you still support the Republican party?

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