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Hurricane Dorian Headed Towards Florida

Hurricane Dorian (National Hurricane Center)

Florida (WTFF) – Hurricane Dorian is en route to slam our peninsula this weekend.

By Saturday, Floridians should expect Hurricane Dorian to reach the east coast as a “major hurricane,” with gusts of wind reaching 140 mph. (NHC)

In a public advisory, the NHC wrote:

“All indications are that by this Labor Day weekend, a powerful hurricane will be near the Florida or southeastern coast of the United States.”

Tropical Storm Dorian officially became Hurricane Dorian on Wednesday, reports NPR.

Experienced Floridians advise newly-arrived Transplants to stock up on alcohol, bullets, gasoline, narcotics and water. It’s best to simply plan to “hunker down,” locals say.

Buy water soon, before it’s too late…

“It’s starting…” (Reddit)
Walmart in Dania Beach – August 28, 2019 at 6:00 pm (imgur)
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Hurricane Dorian Headed Towards Florida

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