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Florida Woman Bites Camel’s Testicles

Grosse Tete, LA (WTFF) – A Florida woman who crawled into a camel’s pen to retrieve her dog reportedly bit the camel’s testicles after it sat on her.

This happened on Wednesday evening at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana, according to a news report by The Advocate.

The woman’s husband had been throwing dog treats under Casper the camel’s fence before the dog ran inside, the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office said Sunday.

The dog started interacting with the camel, and 73-year-old Gloria Lancaster crawled under the barbed wire fence to get it.

She’s from Milton, Florida, according to Click Orlando.

The camel reportedly sat on her, and she bit the male dromedary to get it off her.

Iberville Parish Deputy Louis Hamilton Jr. reported her statement to The Advocate newspaper:

“I bit his balls to get him off of me, I bit his testicles to get him off of me.”

Florida Woman

The investigation found that the Florida couple had provoked the camel before it sat on her.

“The camel did nothing wrong,” Hamilton said. “They (the couple) were aggressive. The camel was just doing its normal routine.”

There were signs every 10 feet along the fence warning visitors to stay out.

“The camel has never been aggressive, the camel has never gotten out, never caused any issues — in fact, the husband and wife stated before that we’ve been here before and we’ve never had any problems,” Hamilton said.

Deputies cited the couple for a leash law violation and criminal trespassing.

Original report: theadvocate.com

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✔ WTF Florida
✔ WTF Florida
1 year ago

“The camel had never been aggressive before hand, (Mrs Lancaster) had provoked the creature.”

– Louis Hamilton

You could say she bit off more than she could chew!

4 years ago

If a camel were ever to sit on me among the very last things I would consider would be to bite it on the testicles.

4 years ago

In all fairness to the woman, the camel could have said stop at any time during the sexual encounter. Me and my camel use a safety word in case the encounter gets uncomfortable.