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Happy Birthday Florida (March 3, 1845)


On March 3, 1845, the United States Congress approved the act establishing statehood for Iowa and Florida. This map shows Florida about the time it entered the Union as the 27th state.

Map of Florida by S. Augustus Mitchell (ca. 1849)
Map of Florida by S. Augustus Mitchell (ca. 1849)

Source: floridamemory.com

Happy Birthday Florida (March 3, 1845)

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Bonnie Dugan
Bonnie Dugan

I always knew March 3rd was a Special Day !
because my mother was born on that day !
I am wanting to dedicate this day to Florida and my mother ! (Jean Buhk)
She was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
And her beautiful resting place is Florida !
May my mom rest in peace !
May the Sun shine down on to Florida and my mom’s resting place always. As these are, and were the most beautiful things ever !