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Don’t be a racist prick


STOP! If you are about to post some ignorant, racist shit on this site, know that you will be called out for it. You will be fact-checked, and laughed at. If you threaten anyone or make egregious ad hominem attacks then you will be banned. Just chill. Think before you speak/type. Florida is fucked up enough without racism.

If you DO have an aversion towards people of a certain race, please just go make friends with one… you will find they are a lot like you. Letting go of hatred will clear up your mind for better things, and you will be happier.

That being said, culture jokes are fine here at WTF Florida. Florida’s a beautifully diverse place, and the nuances of how we all get along is part of our weird hilarity. Just don’t be a racist prick. If you wouldn’t say it in Miami or out in the boonies, don’t say it here.

Be decent to each other and enjoy the site. We will also say this to balance things out: fuck being politically correct. This page is offensive, crude, and ridiculous, just like the news articles we post. If you are laughing at the misfortune of the people whose mugshots arrive on our site, then you should be able to take a fucking joke.

This is our semi-official new policy we just pulled out of our ass. Please feel free to comment with any suggestions as to how we can improve our site, Florida, and the world.

Don’t be a racist prick

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