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Political Endorsements

We officially endorse that one dude who’s always chillaxing outside of liquor stores telling funny stories. We also endorse Florida Woman, who doesn’t take any shit from anyone.

Political propaganda will be in full swing again very soon. Corrupt politicians will go on TV and ironically tell you that “many politicians are corrupt,” to make it look like they’re on your side. They’re not on your side. They will research what pisses people off most, run ads about those things, and use their media power to polarize us even further. Keep your emotions in check, love one another, and don’t believe the Straw Man arguments. They will manipulate your emotions and make lofty promises. Don’t fall for it. There are of course good ones and bad ones, in between, and ever changing. We will try our best to only report insane, funny stories, but it’s our mission at WTF Florida to expose fuckery in Florida… that fuckery often includes polytricks. We will try to offend equally, to hopefully unite us all. Stop thinking in terms of which “side” is going to “win,” because that’s how the corporations that run the show want us to be. That kind of thinking renders us inept and contemptuous, and worst of all, it distracts us from the truth.

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Political Endorsements

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