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Facebook is not the place to report crime

They shouldn’t have to say this, but they did. This is Florida after all.


Source: https://pascosheriff.com/social-media-posting-policy/

But, aside from random people posting random stuff on their social media platform like, hay yall i cant find my purse, etc., not being able to contact 911 on Facebook could be a serious problem.

Only a few places have text to 911 service. Suppose you’re hiding in a closet somewhere during an active shooter situation and can’t make noise to call the cops? Poor people have it even worse. Sometimes they run out of minutes. A lot of times they have wi-fi though. We’re the internet generation.

911 Operators should be ready for the new era. This is 2018 and communication is evolving once again.


Facebook is not the place to report crime

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