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Fake Rednecks Vs. Real Rednecks

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Fake Rednecks Vs. Real Rednecks

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4 years ago

One story of the origin of the phrase ( redneck) is that it used to identify union organizers, At that time ( early 1900s ),most people organizing were hand labors or factory workers so it was common for them to have a work bandanas necks, thus the phrase. I’m with the real redneck ! FAMILY, COMUNITY, COUNTRY !!!! – A SAFE and FAIR PLACE OF WORK ! A DECENT WAGE FOR A DECENT DAY OF WORK ! THE RIGHT TO WORSHIP YOUR GOD IN THE PRIVATE MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE. STAY SAFE STAY , STAY STRONG STAY ORGANIZED ! OUT OF MANY, ONE . KMJP—- C.W.A. U.S.W. TEAMSTERS- LOCAL 375.