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Choose Your Warrior – Death Match

Learn more about the contestants:

Angry Gator (dead): Angry Gator arrested on the porch of a Boynton Beach homeLocal alligator hunters kill 11-foot, 375-pound gator in Blackwater Bay

Flakka Man: Florida man high on flakka attacked officer, said he was God, had sex with tree, police say

Shark Boi (dead): Boaters drag a tormented shark around while laughing

Mister Bear: Black Bear Eats From Bird Feeder in Oviedo

Latest Update:

Angry Gator, after escaping from prison, moved up north to the deep south. He was killed by gator hunters on the first day of hunting season. R.I.P.


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Angry Gator was arrested, but later released and not sentenced to death like his cousin Charlie. Angry Gator is still in the game, and a valid contestant.


Angry Gator was arrested…



Bad news for everyone on Shark Boi’s team, a feral Florida Man has just killed your team leader. Three contestants remain in our Florida death match. Who will be the one and only victor? Choose your warrior wisely…


Here are the original 4 contestants. May the death match begin.

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Choose Your Warrior – Death Match

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[…] is big news to everyone on team Angry Gator, you will be glad to know that he’s still in the […]