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Site Updates: All News Articles Now Have County Tags

New feature: at the bottom of every article is now a “County” tag that says which county/counties the story took place in. Click on it to see all stories from that county. There’s still a lot more work to be done… this feature is kind of in beta. These cross-relational database queries are tricky, but at least the basics are set up. You can browse the entire county list by going to wtfflorida.com/county/, but keep in mind not every county has an article yet, and there may still be some bugs since this is brand new. Some articles have more than one location as Florida Man tends to get around.

New feature: There’s an easy to copy hyperlink below each story also. ┬áSimply triple click the full text link and press ctrl + c to copy, or right click the orange Hyperlink and copy the link from there. Sharing is caring, let everybody know how fucked up Florida is.

If you notice anything fucked up on the site, please Contact us or leave a comment below.

More features on the way… check back often! Peace!

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Site Updates: All News Articles Now Have County Tags

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