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Facebook Shuts Down the “Florida Man” Page Again

The Internet (WTFF) – For at least the second time, the “Florida Man” Facebook page has been shut down.

We sympathize with the anonymous admin.

UPDATE 5/17: The Florida Man page has been restored: @FloridaMan4ever

UDPATE 5/27: The Florida Man page died again because of malicious, false reports, and has since been reborn: @TheOnlyFloridaMan

A while back, the Florida Man page could be found at https://www.facebook.com/Floridaman

Because many butthurt little bitches reported the memes posted on that page, Facebook shut it down. Also, the page was making fun of some dude that was harassing women.

Now, the brilliant @Floridaman handle has been commandeered by an undeserving old Transplant from New York who “stands for the pledge” according to his public profile picture, which usually* translates to “N*ggers should stick to playing football, and stay out of politics. Fuck your civil rights! ‘Murka!”

After the @Floridaman page was shut down, the admin started fresh with @OriginalFloridaMan (to the best of our memory).

More time passed, and butthurt snowflakes, especially Stupid Redneck Assholes (not to be confused with the good Florida Rednecks), showed up again to report the shit out of the page until this happened:

Banned again. Those petty little fucks pulled it off.

The original admin also runs a website at the-florida-man.com, so go check it out.

Facebook is an advertising and data collection machine. Perhaps this is all for the best.

Our time is coming too, as WTF Florida has been the victim of viscous “report button” assaults. For now, we’re still here at the handle @WTFFlorida, but that could all change one day. Unless the federal government shuts our operation down for “libel” or some other poor excuse for censorship, we will always be here at WTFFlorida.com. If they shut us down, we will open up again hosted in a country that’s more tolerant of free speech, hopefully with the kickass domain name.

If you have a complaint about our site, please visit our Everglades Headquarters and take a number:

complaint-department alligators

We’re not heartless. If a loved one shows up on our site in the crime section, we will post your side of the story. We’ve even taken down several articles per request, but only for those who ask nicely. If you threaten to sue us or whatever, you can go suck a dick, because America (fuck yeah!) is a free country! Seriously, get fucked. There’s a lot of things wrong with the world that you could be spending your effort on, and not wasting it on some sarcastic Florida crime blotter.

* LEGAL NOTICE: These are not direct quotes. WTF Florida makes no claim of the original author’s true intentions. The screenshots came from a public profile. We simply reflect on the subtext. If you ask us to take anything down, most likely we will just say “fuck you,” unless it’s a legitimate court order from a United States court.

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Facebook Shuts Down the “Florida Man” Page Again

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Florida Man
Florida Man
6 years ago

Nothing will ever keep Florida Man down.