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Democrats Upset They Can’t Blame Russia for America’s Shittiness, Relieved They Can Still Blame Florida

A Hillary supporter cries tears of defeat

The Internet (WTFF) – No evidence links Russian influence to the fact that the United States is the laughing stock of the world, but lucky for Democrats, they’re still able to blame Florida.

Russiagate is finally over.

Or is it?

Who the fuck knows, but CBS reported that Mueller did not find any evidence that the Trump campaign “conspired” with Russia.

Trump’s still an ignorant, pussy-grabbing piece of shit that spouts bigotry and cons poor stupid people, but it’s time to stop blaming Putin for the miserable state our country’s in. The fact is, our people voted for the winning president.

Hillary’s a piece of shit too, so don’t even start.

Democrats who have done nothing but complain about Russia for the past couple of years should be happy to know there’s an alternative scapegoat: Florida.

That’s right, you can blame Florida.

Instead of basking in click-bait and feeling exasperated by CNN’s dramatic reports between television commercials promoting the same corporate garbage that enables Trump, you can just blame everything on our peninsula.

Blame Florida for all of America’s problems.

Instead of actually doing something productive or trying to understand what led to the conditions that forced the American people to choose between two shitty candidates, just blame it all on the Sunshine State.

It seems that Democrats just don’t care about anything important. They’d rather sit and get baited by corporate news distractions.

If the left is serious about resisting not just Donald Trump, but the entire racist, misogynist, nativist, capitalist system that spawned him in the first place, then we must move beyond the narrow, unsubstantiated, and increasingly hysterical confines of “Russiagate.”

The left has been trying to tell liberals for a few years now:

  • Hillary would lose to Trump
  • Bernie would have won
  • The corporate media is not your friend
  • Obama’s legacy wasn’t as pretty as you thought
  • Russia gate was bullshit
  • How to not only beat Trump but crush Trumpism


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Democrats Upset They Can’t Blame Russia for America’s Shittiness, Relieved They Can Still Blame Florida

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