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Site Updates – March 2018

We will rolling out a big upgrade to the site soon. New features include:

The Florida Button, which when pressed, will add a vote to the article or image. Fuck a Like button, we got our own now. It’s very preliminary, so please report any bugs or suggestions.

Florida Points are the number of FloridApprovals (Florida Button votes) multiplied by the number of Florida Tags. Florida Points will be equal to the number of Florida Tags until there are at least 2 votes. Share posts and encourage others to hit the Florida Button to get the total Florida Points up.

Improved Categories will make it easier to browse the site. Main sections will be News, Media, and Information. News will contain several subcategories including Crime, Politics, Good News, and Madness. Media will contain memes, photos, videos, and more, all categorized. Some of our links might break as a result, please report anything like that to us. The changing of categories will be an on-going process after the site update, so please excuse fuck-ups for the time being. Sections may look empty, but soon they will be filled.

Better Comments making it easier to share your thoughts and jokes.

Easier Sharing Tools found on the right hand column on desktop or below the comments on mobile.

More too… just explore it.

Site Updates – March 2018

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