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Banned from Facebook Again, Again

So, it’s happened again. We’re not ignoring you on Facebook, we’re just banned for a week.

At this point it looks like we are the victim of bot attacks trying to stifle our outreach.

It all started the moment we posted an article in support of Net Neutrality. Immediately after posting the article, dozens of belligerent comments showed up from people we’ve never seen before. These comments were touting disparaging propaganda, and trying to make Net Neutrality look like a bad thing… if you read the actual FCC-15-24A1 bill, you will see that it is in fact a good thing, and that it protects consumers from companies like Comast… companies that can afford to pay a staff of disinformation posters, or “trolls,” as we’ve come to know them as.


So these “trolls” have gone back to every single slightly offensive thing we’ve posted (it’s a lot) and hit “REPORT” in order to flag it as inappropriate. Because Facebook is just a machine with no soul, and no actual person reviews these complaints, our account was blocked over and over again as a result of these fraudulent attacks. This is abuse of Facebook’s system, and we messaged them to complain, but they don’t care. They even let you know they don’t read any of our messages in a canned disclaimer.

We may just have to break up with Facebook at this rate.

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Banned from Facebook Again, Again

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