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Florida Man starts a creepy, misogynistic sex cult in Panama City

Panama City (WTFF) – Some guy in Panama City has converted his home into a place that offers a “90 day feminizing boot camp” taught by “wealthy men” to “25-40 year olds” with “shattered dreams.”

Right. Not creepy at all.

Daniel Woodmansee
Daniel Woodmansee, Florida Man

Daniel Woodmansee of Panama City, Florida is currently offering “openings for 2 or 3 live in girlfriends” for an “older white male” in the St. Andrews area. Below is an embed from his Facebook page, and also a screenshot in case it gets deleted.

Come live in the St Andrews area. Older white male has openings for 2 or 3 live in girlfriends. Your share of the bills…

Posted by Daniel Woodmansee on Dimanch 7 Janvye 2018


He even has a website with a section titled “It’s not too late…yet!”

Definitely check it out for the lulz:


The advertising copy is comedy gold (and a little frightening):

Screenshot of website

One of our readers informed us that he’s going around to local Facebook groups advertising… well, whatever it is he’s offering:

“This creepy bastard is posting on all the local groups trying to get some kind of sex cult going in his place 😂😂😂

Playing Devil’s Advocate, and to his defense, American culture seems to promote cheating, at least subliminally on TV and in ads. At least polygamists are honest about having many partners. That’s far less disgusting than someone who just cheats on their partner. But these are not regular bigamists. This is just a case of a Florida Man who had a “bright idea” and turned it into something awful/hilarious. Like most Florida Mans, he’s very proud of his behavior:

I’m just happy to be living in America!

Where I get decide what goes on in my house! I get decide how I want to live!…

Posted by Daniel Woodmansee on Dimanch 7 Janvye 2018

Yes, it’s a “free country,” until the city finds a way to shut it down. Oh well, do your thing, Florida Man. For the record, WTFF News does not recommend following up on his offer. Please just don’t.

Florida Man starts a creepy, misogynistic sex cult in Panama City

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