Miami Convenience Store Clerk Fights Off Two Men Stealing ‘America’ Beer

Two suspects tried to steal a 12-pack of ‘America’ beer at a Miami-area convenience store.

Video shows one of the men walking up to the register with the 12-pack and looking around. Upon realizing that the clerk is not around, him and his buddy decide to walk off with the beer without paying.

The clerk runs outside to save the day, and the two men beat him up and run off with the ‘America’ beer.

In the end, the clerk was fine, and these two suspects will probably have a better Independence Day as a result of having alcohol. Stealing Budweiser’s ‘America’ beer really puts the ‘free’ in freedom…

The cashier probably should have just stayed put and took the loss, but props to him for trying. It takes nerve to run, unarmed and alone, after two people like that.

Oh Miami…

South Florida police are asking if anyone knows these guys, and to call 305-471-TIPS (8477) with any information that could lead to their arrest.

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