Hot Air Balloon Crash Lands into Pond Full of Alligators

A hot air balloon carrying 17 people ended with an emergency landing in an alligator-infested pond.

“Orlando Balloon Rides” said in a statement:

“The pilot of an Orlando Balloon Rides passenger balloon is being praised after making a split second decision to intentionally make a water landing this morning. A change of wind direction at ground level just before touchdown meant the pilot was forced to make a quick decision — risk contact with powerlines, or land the balloon in a nearby retention pond.”

The crash happened near State Road 429 at Western Way, near Disney World. Nobody was injured.

The pilot was pretty chill about the whole thing, telling his passengers as they descended:

“All right folks, we’re going to get a little wet. Sorry about that.”

One of the passengers, Sebastian Westerby, said:

“Now we’re making fun of it, but it was serious. It was lucky that no one got hurt.”

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