Store Owner May Be Charged For Shooting When Florida Man Stole Beer

cocoa beer thief shooting

COCOA, Florida – The owner of a convenience store may face a criminal charge after he fired a gun when a Florida man attempted to steal beer on Wednesday in Cocoa, Florida.

Around 10 a.m. on September 20, 2017, a Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy was in the area of a Chevron convenience store located at 6 South Cocoa Boulevard when he heard a shot fired from outside the store.

Further investigation revealed the owner of the store was inside when a white male entered and appeared to take some beer out the door without paying. Full Story »

Almost 30 animals removed from Florida home covered in feces, urine

Jennie L. Card

Almost 30 animals had to be removed from a Florida home that authorities say was covered in feces and urine.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office was called Tuesday by the Department of Children and Families to check on the home in Spring Hill, just north of Tampa.

When they got there, Jennie L. Card, 44, greeted deputies warning them that some of her 24 dogs might be aggressive, according to a report posted on sheriff’s Facebook page. Deputies said they could smell urine from outside the home, which did not have running water.

After calling animal care for help, they entered the home and found the two dozen dogs, along with two cats and two birds.

Media Release

Re: Spring Hill Woman Charged with Two Counts of Animal Cruelty

Date: September 19, 2017


Posted by Hernando County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Animal enforcement officers said some of the pets were malnourished, including one dog with an back right paw that had bones exposed. It had been bandaged using duct tape.

All of the animals were seized, and a child inside the home was removed by DCF officials.

Card told deputies she was the primary caregiver for the animals and couldn’t afford their medical bills. She was arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty.


Tampa Man Escaping Irma Gets Arrested for Lewdness in Massachusetts

Salem Police

Trampites are a peculiar species. Here in Florida, we just get used to their antics. We smile and nod as they describe their disturbing sexual escapades. We adapt to their unpredictability; from their avoidance of using turn signals to their random public masturbation, we find ways to safely share the beautiful state of Florida with these invasive creatures.

Floridians are not afraid of hurricanes… except Paul West. Full Story »

Florida Woman Seduces Linemen into Fixing Her Power after Irma

Kynse Agles

ABC Action News reports:

FORT MYERS, Fla. — A Florida woman got creative with spare spray paint and plywood and made a sign to get the power company’s attention.

“I thought that all of my neighbors would get a huge kick out of it,” said Kynse Agles.

She posed for a photo next to her pink sign that reads, “Hot single female seeks sexy lineman to electrify her life.”
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Republican Ross Spano Proposes a Bill Declaring Porn a Public Health Crisis

spano ross

Living in Florida can be stressful.

More often than not, an ejaculation can safely unravel the knotted web of frustration spun into our minds by the scolding heat and insanity that we face on a daily basis.

Porn helps with this release immensely, especially for those on a tight schedule. Most people can agree it’s harmless, and even has medical benefits such as lowering blood pressure.

Not Ross Spano… Full Story »